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Signed by he co-nigger wolf (2ic) *Lootking*




Yo Rpf WerEE thaa Fukk UUU at U $onS O’ BITChES, u TynK U CayN JuS Ban mE,, AnDrEw24, AN” Cop AwAaYy WiT It?? Ahhhh bee FuckIn GoLdenn GoDDD AH Bee NwT Gon Taykkk DIss $hIt Frm Uh PAtheticc pile o’ $Hit ARMaYy NAmed RpF Doooo uuu fuckINNN UnderStAndd Me? Ah will Findd EvReee $INGLe 1 O’ UU PRepubesCNTTTT MOMma fUckUHs. aH wIL DestRoayyyyyyy U.

liStenn Uhpp DannAYy dIs Iz 2 U, UU $iCkkk $ONN O” Uhh BIatCH. DANnayy UUUU banneD LOoTKiN 1 O’ Mah tyghT Peepss AWnn Xat,, U BaNNeDD isss fUckInnnn dAwgHH FawR NAhH reaSoN. We’s IZ uh Fuckin WoLf Pack AN’ U WAnna GoEEE rouN’ An’ BaN us? UU WoUldn’t B ALivv Iff Ittt WErEn’t fawr USSS u DIpshit. Alllll o” DA ThinGs wE’ss Didddd TogethUh MeaNss NOTin 2 YOu? Fukkkk uuu dannayY Yo” Uh $TuPidd A$$ TYRant HOoo Thinksss HE’$ All FirReyayy $HiT. im Gonnnn bonee YO’ FUCKiNN mOmmm Now.

AnothUh MeSsage 2 rpF.

DO u HOnesTLeeee TyNKKK UU WiL cOpp AwaAyyy witt DiS $hit?? aH be AndrEW244 $aviOr O’ daa GolDs. Ah wiL BreAk u Digg UH mOMMAA FUCKINN twig. UU aee notinn 2 Me AN’ da Golds We’ss WILLL $Quashh U digGG fUckIN CockroaChEss U. U onlii LIVV CaWs AndReW24 ALLows u, RemembUh DAt, BItCH.

i Will $AVe DiS ComMuNiteeeeee FrMMM Da EVIL $AtAnicc guuRl NaMedd LilstaR Hooooo GOEs RouN’ blOwin Lil BoyS DICkSS DiGg DannAyY Jus 2 Cop DEMM 2 JOinn Rpf. LiSteN uhPPPPP HoochIe Mcjunior, AH WIl $LAayy UU Digg ahh Didd 2 DAnnaYy’$ MommayY DO u UndersTaNd? UU CanT goe roUn’ Awnn MaHH TUrff An’ $ucK DicKK FAWr RecRUits. Izz mah ArEaaa NW Fuk Off. u TyNk IM FUcKiN playing? WaIt TYlLL Ah WalK ALLL Ovr Urrr $OrreE A$$’$$ 2mOrO An’ WeDS.

Ah WNt toE TAA TOe WiFF DA BeSt O” ’em
I Bust $hOtss At Da REsTT O’ ‘Em
don’tt Test Me, nahh TesTer
i RaPEE Chu,, DIggg CHestER


ii wIl AvenGe elmIkEayyy mahhhh Xbox DAwgH!!

goodd DA, MommA Fucks

soo Long FaGgOts,



5 Responses

  1. Master Earthing would be proud.


  2. OMG


  3. you must have got a 0 in english


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