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100 Robux Giveaway

Ave Golds,

This weekend has been a blast for us. From getting to the Top 2 in CPAC to grabbing the Teutons’ server, we’ve had one heck of a weekend this October. I thought we should have a little treat for all our hard work. A robux giveaway. For those of you who don’t know what it is, its an ingame currency in a game called ROBLOX, somewhat popular in Golds.
Click ‘Read More’ for more information.

robuck_new_styleHow can I enter the giveaway?

Well, that’s simple and easy. In order to enter the giveaway, fill out this forum in the comments.

Roblox Username:
Why do you want to win the giveaway:

What can I do with the robux?

You can buy gamepasses in games you play, or buy gamepasses in the upcoming vip server for UD:Odessa (golds troops only), buy clothing and some hair.

Can I still enter even if I don’t have a roblox account?

If you want to enter the giveaway, simply just go on roblox.com and register an account then fill out the forum.

What is the deadline for entering?

Deadline is Friday October 14th at 9PM EST. Winner will be announced at Saturday 4:30PM EST in the comments!

Good Luck to all who will enter! If you don’t have a ROBLOX account, go ahead and make one today and enter the giveaway! 🙂

~Flappy1233 AKA Blaiz

Golds 4ic

14 Responses

  1. Roblox Username: 111note
    Why do you want to win the giveaway: I love Roblox


  2. Roblox Username: Blackops9595 (Made it like 6 years ago. Don’t judge me)

    Why do you want to win the giveaway: Because I’m an asshole. I’m only entering so that other people have a smaller chance of getting it. I don’t care about robux.


  3. Roblox Username: muteee
    Why do you want to win the giveaway: idk blaiz told me to


  4. Congratulations to Mutee for winning the 100 robux giveaway!

    P.S Sorry for late winners announcement.


  5. Please send me robux


  6. MY username is ninjatownkill14 and i made it 8 years ago

    why do you want to win the giveaway : because i want a robux even though 100 robux only and i will very happy if you are give me a robux

    Liked by 1 person

  7. My Roblox name is Wolfcrax
    I want to enter because i love roblox and i’m sick of everything costing money.


  8. My roblox is coolboy123112 I want to win because robux terminated my other account because of my dad called them and asked them to do that, and I wasted all the money I hd on that game just for nothing, it would really make me happy


  9. Pls give me rubux 1000


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