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There’s no easy way to start a post like this, but as you all know; after 12:00 AM PST tonight (3/29), Club penguin is shutting down and pretty much all of CPA.

In late May of 2014, I rejoined CPA after leaving for at least a couple years. I was recruited into Golds from my older brother, Lorenzo Bean. I still remember the conversation about armies on  a car ride home, which I can also recall I was skeptical of Golds when he first told me about them.

Nearly after a week I joined, a bunch of leaders left, and Golds was thrown into a hole that would take several months to climb out of. During the summer of 2014 there were several times I was tempted to walk out the door too, but if there’s one thing I learned from staying in Golds; is that a community is stronger when they stick together through the toughest times.

During those what seemed to be a miserable summer for Golds, I witnessed fights, conflicts, constants changes in ranks, but one thing was clear, the people that stayed in Golds were dedicated and cared about keeping the army alive.

If anything made Golds unique, it was the community. A lot of army chats have an atmosphere of being an exclusive bunch, but Golds was a place for people in other armies as well. Golds chat specifically, was a place that people would come to for laughs and entertainment. And while Golds was by all means not a perfect army, it was an army that managed to bring many different types of people together.

At the risk of being vulnerable by admitting this, several times in the past few years in my life I felt like an outsider everywhere I went. But Golds was like a second family for me. Golds was a place where I didn’t fear judgment for being myself. No matter what kind of day I had coming home from school, Golds was always there.

While I would like to make a list of people who I’d like to thank, there would be just too many and chances are I’d forget some. But I’d like to thank the people who made me laugh in Golds, you’ve unknowingly brought joy to me and so many others.

There’s two main people I am grateful for in Golds and armies. I’d like to thank Lorenzo for recruiting me into Ice Warriors in 2007, and recruiting me into Golds in 2014. If he didn’t share the opportunity with me, I would’ve never met so many great people.

Antonio would have to be the second person that I’d like to give a shout out too. Antonio is not only a dear friend of mine who helped me get back on steady tracks when I returned, but he is also the most underrated Golds leader. He has kept the army alive for so long, and while sometimes it wasn’t under thriving conditions, he gave it the push of life that was necessary for people to still have hope.

While Antonio and I had several fights and disagreements while leading together, I have to say he is the greatest friend I’ve made in Golds.

If anyone would like to maintain contact with me my kik is cokenok, and I have a steam as well: Mr Tilgen.

While I do know some people suggested Golds was going to be a hang out chat, I highly doubt that would even last. I want to wish everyone the best of luck in what they pursue in life. I know some people such as myself will feel a little loss knowing that CPA isn’t going to be around anymore.

Thank you Golds for all the memories you’ve brought to me and others.


Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus.

-Coke/Tilgen (Former Golds Leader & Legend)

4 Responses

  1. From the first time I joined CPA in Golds and to the end of CP I have never had such a great and lasting friendship here like the one I’ve had with you, dan and coqui. We became the new crew that held this army in control so it would make so many memories for us and other troops or friends of ours. Thank you, not just for being there for Golds but also for being there for me.

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    • The bond and friendship that was created between the four of us to make Golds the best possible army it could be is something that I will never forget. It is an honor not only to have worked with you in Golds, but to have a great friendship with someone that lasted the entire 3 years after I came back to CPA.


  2. Although in recent months I have been highly inactive considering I’ve been retired since last summer, I still remember the times when I was still a young WV troop and I would hang around on Golds chat. I always looked at you as a friend and I am glad that my relationship with you always seemed to stand strong. Good luck in life.

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  3. Goodbye old friend – toast


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