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    Welcome to the official website of the Golds Army of Club Penguin! We are one of the Oldest and most Legendary Armies on Club Penguin. We have been a force to be reckoned with ever since our creation back in 2007, if you would like to Join the Golds and make your mark in the History of this magnificent army then sign-up at our Join page! Join our mission and help us protect Club Penguin! Take part in large battles on Club Penguin, earn Rewards and Promotions and meet new friends right here in the Golds Army!

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Ave, Golds.

With CPO coming to an end, with it comes an end to this Golds generation. While I haven’t led Golds in 5 years, I was proud to see what this new generation has accomplished. I never really got the post I wanted to make all those years ago so now I guess with this generation shutting its doors I get that opportunity.

Regardless of my personal views on CPO, I have absolutely no regrets allowing Bay to revive Golds. She perhaps even exceeded our expectations, and built a real community that I can tell is very close-knit.

When I rejoined RPF & armies in 2013 I knew I had returned to something different. I didn’t last long in RPF, but thankfully, my good friend Kevin brought me to a newly returning army known as the Golds, revived by Andrew24 and Donut67890.

Instantly I knew it was where I belonged, and nearly all of my current online friends came from those few crazy months we had in Golds. We weren’t even all that successful but we didn’t even care because it was just that fun.

However, I, like many other Golds legends, have had a complicated relationship with the army.  At the risk of sounding silly I’m going to admit leading Golds was never easy. We were constantly plagued by problems such as domain issues, google search engine issues, disloyalty and other things. We did the best we could, we got decent sizes for what we had, and even came on top over armies who didn’t have the issues we did quite frequently. But at the same time I feel a tinge of guilt for not trying harder. We never truly gave Golds the success I feel it deserved.

To be honest, a lot of people came to me and asked about reviving Golds. At first, I was fervently against the idea of ever reopening the Golds after original CP shutdown. However when Bay was looking to revive an old army, I came around to the idea; if it makes other people happy, who am I to stand in the way of that? And I’m glad to say it did. I’m extremely proud of this generation, I didn’t know most of you that well but all the same I’m proud. This is perhaps the greatest ever generation the Golds has ever seen. Hitting sizes like 35 was our goal back in the day and to this generation, that’s a small size.

But more importantly, a community was built. A good one. And I hope whether or not you join IW in the merge regardless of what game we end up on you can cherish the army and memories like I did. I never got to write this post when armies shutdown back in 2017 but I’m glad I held off until now. No matter what I went through in life, I could always rely on the friends I made in my times in the Golds. I hope you can all say the same.

In the end, this was never about some penguin game for kids. It’s about the community we share and the bonds we make. I guess this is the last post I’ll ever be making here.

Finding it, though, that’s not the hard part. It’s letting go.


-Flamez64, Golds legend.

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