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    Welcome to the official website of the Golds Army of Club Penguin! We are one of the Oldest and most Legendary Armies on Club Penguin. We have been a force to be reckoned with ever since our creation back in 2007, if you would like to Join the Golds and make your mark in the History of this magnificent army then sign-up at our Join page! Join our mission and help us protect Club Penguin! Take part in large battles on Club Penguin, earn Rewards and Promotions and meet new friends right here in the Golds Army!

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Hall of Fame

This page includes Golds Leaders, officers and troops who have influenced and dedicated themselves greatly to the army, which in return, helped land themselves a spot in the Hall of Fame:

* = Indicates in Active Service or Advisor


Johanwillfir [Old Generation]

Johanwillfir is the Creator and First Leader of the Golds Army, he created the Golds on May 10th 2007 and the legacy which he created lives on today. He is known for his great leadership and service to this army, and continues to help out to this day.

Andrew24* [Old & New Generation]

Andrew24 was not only one of the most instrumental figures in the Old Generation of the Golds Army, he is also one of the co-Creators of the current New Generation. No one has put more dedication into the Golds army than Andrew24, and the Golds army would not be the same without him. He also took a major role in the late 2013 generation which was re-created by both Jack and Andrew. They later led the army to a whopping 35+. He is a role model for all future leader’s and troops in the Golds Army. A true Guardian of the Golds. He continues to dedicate himself to protecting the future of the army to this day.

Donut67890 (Jack) [New Generation]

Donut re-created the Golds in 2013 with Jujuflower and Andrew24, in which he is by far one of the greatest leaders ever. He played a major part in the Golds rise to make our best generation ever created, consistently getting 20-30 at every event. But in February of 2014, the Golds partly merged into the Doritos, but Jack did not let this stop them. He continued to lead the Golds, and did not let them die. He is currently retired from all CP Armies but his influence will not be forgotten.

Jujuflower [Old Generation]

Juju is the final member of the trio which created the current New Generation of Golds today, she is known as one of the kindest Leaders ever to be in the Golds and was instrumental in helping to kick start this generation. Even after stepping down as Leader she continued to assists the Golds in any way she could. She is currently retired from all CP Armies but her legacy in the Golds remains.

Flamez64* [New Generation]

Flamez64 first joined the golds in 2013 shortly after it was resurrected by Jack, Ana and Andrew. H quickly  worked his way up from moderator to leader, creating great friendships and memories along the way. Over the years, Flamez has served with nearly every person on this page creating many legends along the way. He was at the helm of the greatest eras in Golden history, conquering the likes of the LT, IW, SWAT and RF among many more, and creating the largest Golden Empire of all time. He will go down as the greatest leader of Golds of all time, reaching 35+ multiple times over different eras. He then revived the Golds in 2020 overseeing a new legendary leaderhip. This generation would prove to be, while shortlived, one of the greatest generations, maxing sizes of 90+ and hitting 50+ consistently.

Bay* [CPO Generation Leader]

Greatest Leaders

Circa [Old Generation]

Circa was recruited by Dream/Fallen in 2007. At first, he thought Club Penguin armies were dumb and pointless, but soon changed his opinion after he joined. He joined the Golds Army as a 2ic, and soon after he joined, the army switched to the Dark Warriors. He is responsible for switching the Dark Warriors back to the Golds in early 2012. He was known by many as the guardian of the Golds/DW army. He is currently retired from all CP Armies

Shaboomboom [Old Generation]

Shab joined the Golds Army in the Old Generation and convinced many other armies to merge into Golds as well. Additionally, he helped Golds grow into exponential sizes when the third generation first began. Shab became a leader of DW when the army switched from Golds, and helped the army rise once again with his experience from ACP. Currently retired from all CP Armies.

Fly4life [Old Generation]

Johanwillfir’s close friend who although was not the founder of the army, was one of the, if not, best leaders of the Golds Army. He is currently retired from all CP Armies.

Dreamguitar (Fallen) [Old Generation]

One of the best leader’s in Golds Army history. Joined in 2007, and led during the 08 and 09 generations. Responsible for switching the Golds Army to Dark Warriors. Although he was very tough on his troops, they still appreciated him no matter what. He is retired from all CP Armies.

Lorenzo Bean* [Old & New Generation]

Lorenzo joined the second generation of Golds in early 2008 and served until its demise later that summer. In April 2009, he created the third generation of Golds with Sriv007, acting as a rebellion from the Ice Warriors. He recruited many of the important leaders such as Andrew24 and Shaboomboom, helping to bring Golds to one of its highest peaks. He returned to lead during the 2012 generation. 2 years later, Lorenzo led the Golds through the summer of 2014 and into the fall, keeping the army alive through unstable times. He is currently a Advisor of the Golds.

Feephill (SaW) [Old Generation]

SaW was a leader in the Golds third generation. He was also apart of the leadership group that switched the name of the Golds Army to Dark Warriors. After the army switched to the Dark Warriors, he quickly made the Dark Warriors rise. Every time he has lead a Dark Warriors generation, it has been successful. SaW is arguably the greatest Dark Warriors leader in army history. He is retired from all CP Armies.

Final Chaser* [New Generation]

Final Chaser was also recruited into the 2013 Golds re-creation not long after it’s re-creation, he served as a officer for a period of time and quickly impressed with his leadership abilities, and soon found himself promoted to leader alongside Andrew24, Jack and Whats Up11. He is one of the key figures behind the initial Golden Age of this Generation and continued to lead the Golds through a Golden Age until deciding to pursue other career goals.

Whats Up11* [New Generation]

Whats Up11 was recruited into the 2013 re-creation of Golds not long after it was re-created, he became one of the first and most effective second-in-commands serving under Andrew24 and Jack. Once he was promoted to leader he was able to achieve sizes of 30 and over consistently, he then would move on to become leader in other armies such as DCP and DW but 11 would then return to the Golds to lead the army to further glory under his reign.

Torie [New Generation]

Torie was recruited into the 2014 generation of Golds, who was by far one of the greatest leaders Golds had to offer. Known for her impressive recruitment methods, which helped Golds rise into one of the best Golden Era’s in the armies History, Bringing the Golds to 3rd in the Top 10. One of the fastest new troops to get leader, achieving the role in less than a couple of months. She has led with the likes of Andrew24, Whats Up11 and Flamez64 in the great Golden Era. She’s also one of the first female legends in Golds. Torie will always be remembered for her optimism and strong will, aswell as one of the best recruiters to ever come out of CP Armies.

Ant/Antonio960* [New Generation]

Starting in Jan-February 2014, Antonio960 has stuck with the Golds army through thick and thin. He earned his way from the rank of private all the way to leader. Antonio960, along with Lorenzo Bean, kept the Golds army alive during our bad times. Antonio960 sets a example for what happens when you’re loyal to an army for a very long time. He is in the Golds to this day, where he still serves as leader. Antonio960 is one of the most loyal troops the Golds army has ever had. Created the Golds Army 2016 generation along with bringing them to 1st on the army top ten making history for the army.

Cbass [New Generation]

Recruited, like many, into the new generation in 2013, Cbass proved to by a very valuable soldier to the Golds. Ascending through the ranks with his vast experience, Cbass soon became 2ic and, eventually leader in 2014. Leading with the likes of Andrew, Flamez, and Whatsup11, Cbass saw some of the greatest success the Golds would ever reach during his tenure as leader. Cbass proved loyal through thick and thin, proving himself to be a true Gold along the way.

 Loyal Soldiers

Mill4life [Old Generation]

Fly4life’s brother, He was a Co-Leader in 1st Generation Golds, he helped set up site and get Golds very first recruits. Very loyal troop, who would do anything for the Golds.

Orgulan [Old Generation]

A very active and loyal high ranked Golds troop. He was very loyal at sometime and almost killed Golds.

Khole/Penguin238000094 [Old Generation]

Khole also lead in the Golds third generation and when the army switched to the Dark Warriors. He was notable for his amazing graphics work, and was one of the best graphic designers that ever joined the Golds/Dark Warriors.

Spyguy202 [Old and New Generation]

A very very loyal owner. Possibly one of the greatest 2ic’s the Golds army has ever had. He always stuck by and always learned under the leaders while he could. It took him months to finally get leader and it was well deserved. Not only one of Andrew’s  greatest friends back in the day, but extremely friendly to all Golds. He is a true role-model. Serving as a Guardian of the Army.

Tilgen/Coke Nok* [New Generation]

After going absent from CPA for years, Tilgen joined Golds around May 2014 when his brother Lorenzo Bean was still leading Golds in that generation. He was one of the most active owners we had in that time and soon he was promoted to lead alongside Antonio960 and his brother before the Golds went into it’s summer drop that year, since then Tilgen became one of the best Golds leaders to show focus and loyalty in his leaderships. Not only was he a great friend to one of his comrades til this day but he has shown to be one of most excellent advisers this army can have in both generations that he has served.

Coquimichu1* [New Generation]

Coqui started off in Golds as a recruit in the earliest 2014 during the start of the new generation and up to this day he continues to serve loyalty. Coquimichu is the purest example of someone dedicated to a single CP army. He was there in Golds’ toughest times where he was doing everything along with Antonio960 to keep the army going. He is usually quiet but one of the friendliest faces that represented the Golds. Coquimichu was also present for every major moment in Golds history in the new era, contributing to every time we reached big numbers. Not only was he an excellent leader to work alongside with, but he was considered as a brother to Antonio and Tilgen.

|Honorable Mentions|

The people listed below are considered the most loyal Golds leaders and stand close to those who have become legend. 

    • Elite 910
    • Johnnyroger12
    • Angela
    • Element 25
    • Matre10
    • Tiny Finn
    • Lordcody56
    • Mumle678
    • Carlieo
    • Bobcatboy10
    • Taylorfan
    • Rvd15
    • Rhino25
    • Pufpuf103
    • Flo
    • 123nico26//xiunknown

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