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    Welcome to the official website of the Golds Army of Club Penguin! We are one of the Oldest and most Legendary Armies on Club Penguin. We have been a force to be reckoned with ever since our creation back in 2007, if you would like to Join the Golds and make your mark in the History of this magnificent army then sign-up at our Join page! Join our mission and help us protect Club Penguin! Take part in large battles on Club Penguin, earn Rewards and Promotions and meet new friends right here in the Golds Army!

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The Original Generations


The Golds Army of Club Penguin was created on May 10th 2007, 10:30 p.m EST. by a boy named Johanwillfir. Johanwillfir led with his friend Fly4Life, who took the Golds to what it was known for. Johanwillfir, Fly4Life, and other leaders of Golds built the army up from the ground and put it as a top contender for the #1 army in Club Penguin. The first generation of Golds had troops who went on to become legends in other armies, including Orgulan, Shaboomboom and Lorenzo Bean. Things changed when Fly4Life made a pivoting decision in Golds history, promoting Dreamguitar to leader. Dreamguitar and Johanwillfir butted heads, causing Johanwillfir to leave GOLDS for good in mid 2008. Soon after, both Fly4Life and Dreamguitar retired, leaving Ambrosha, Shaboomboom, and Orgulan with the throne, ending the first generation of the Golds Army and, which lay dormant for several months. After they left, one of the Golds’ most important leader came to power.

Lorenzo Bean, a veteran from 2008, created the 2nd generation of Golds with Sriv007 in April 2009, bringing in troops from a rebellion against the Ice Warriors. Shaboomboom, Dreamguitar, and many other veterans from the original Golds returned to be part of what became the strongest Golds force since its creation. Much of this was due to the Shaboomboom convincing the Club Penguin Flyers to merge into the Golds. This brought in their leader, Feephill, to power.  With a powerful lineup of 7 leaders, the Golds fought a long, hatred-fueled war against the Ice Warriors and Nachos, who were determined to destroy the empire. The rivalry with the Nachos continues to this day. Timeboy07 aka Circa became leader after Shab retired, creating a power trio of Circa, Lorenzo Bean, and Feephill (SaW). These three leaders were one of the best Big 3 to ever hit Golds history. The Golds were unstoppable, and was an army that fostered many veterans and legends who had success in other armies as well, such as Andrew24, Lildrew Jr2 (Hurricanex1), and Khimo. In August of 2009, the Golds changed over to Dark Warriors, reviving the old warrior army created by Ambrosha, who returned to lead. The army continued to succeed, but soon the leadership began to destabilize with the departure of Lorenzo, Sriv and Ambrosha. Barely a month into the transition to Dark Warriors, the army again changed to the Red Coalition. The confusion of changing names twice, disagreements between leaders, and the end of summer brought an end to the 2nd generation of the Golds Army. This also marked the end of the early era of Golds, in which troops from the original Golds generation were leading.

From here on, everything occurred after the army stopped switching between the name Golds to Dark Warriors in 2012 in the third generation under Lorenzo Bean, Sriv and SaW where the website was hacked and made it difficult to recover more on how this modern era began.


The Modern Era


The new generation of the Golds Army was created in September 2013, when the army made it’s return under Golds veterans Andrew24, Jack/Donut67890  and Jujuflower. Soon after the army was switching between going into lockdown or staying alive, we we’re introduced into the Golden age of Golds where leaders such as Flamez64, Agent 11, Final Chaser, Torie and the return of Lorenzo and loyal second in command Spyguy, Cbass & Lucario in the army began to lead Golds with Andrew & Jack into huge wars against armies like SWAT, DCP, Metal Warriors hitting sizes of 30+ consistently and making tournament finals. This leadership was recognized for winning multiple battles, great use of autotyping/recruiting on Club Penguin and supervising the final generations of Golds. The hype that Golds showed for that long was starting to fade in the summer 2014 when the Golds leaders started to leave the army to continue progressing through the rest of the CPA community with a long legacy.

This scenario left the new generation of Golds under Antonio960 who was new to CP warfare but quickly climbed the ranks within the army. Under Antonio960’s leadership, the Golds Army was suffering a great depression comparing it to its former glory but along with newer leaders like Tilgen/Coke Noke, Coquimichu1 and Lorenzo Bean’s guidance the army was able to stay alive among the small/medium army ranking, preventing it from shutting down and creating a new community in Golds where it consisted of loyal troops and use of friendslist-calling. This newer generation lasted three more years with these three as their active emperors of Golds with even more changes in the past leaderships, attempts of veterans taking over once again, reviving under the Silver Surfers group and even reaching first in the CPAC Top Ten armies. There was also long war against Air Force that switched later on switched into Marines, a second-major war against Ice Warriors and raids on several S/M armies which caused the army to become more fun and less serious. When Club Penguin announced it was shutting down in 2017, Golds decided to have one last go and make the best of it with the return of old and new Golds legends.

To end with Golds history, their last return came in 2020 when Club Penguin armies continued to exist on private, yet also popular, servers where Golds legends Andrew24 and Flamez gave permission for Golds revival under a brand new leadership, also introducing for the first time a full-female line of Golds commanders that brought the army to numbers never seen before.

Golds Leaders

  • Johanwillfir: Golds Leader & Creator – Retired.
  • Fly4life: Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Dreamguitar: Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Shaboomboom: Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Ambrosha: Golds Leader– Retired.
  • Orgulan: Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Smiley40: Golds Leader– Retired.
  • Lorenzo Bean: Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Sriv007: Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Shaboomboom (2): Golds Leader– Retired.
  • Feephill/Saw: Golds Leader– Retired.
  • Tiny Finn/Fizz: Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Timeboy07/Circa: Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Penguin238000094: Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Andrew24: Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Jimmy Neo: Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Hurricanex1: Golds Leader – Fired.
  • Circa(2): Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Khimo: Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Andrew24(2): Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Elite910: Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Lucario456: Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Johnhancoff: Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Flo Rida1216: Golds Leader – Retired.
  • King John: Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Lorenzo Bean(2): Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Andrew24(3): Golds Leader – Retired.
  • SaW(2): Golds Leader– Retired
  • Flo Rida1216: Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Donut67890: Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Andrew24(4): Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Jujuflower: Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Donut67890(2): Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Andrew24(5): Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Donut67890(3): Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Whats Up11: Golds Leader – Retired.
  • B Batman3: Golds Leader – Demoted.
  • Final Chaser: Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Dvddivi/Cbass: Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Flamez64: Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Torie1999: Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Spyguy202: Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Whats Up11(2): Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Taco Daily: Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Whats Up11(3): Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Taco Daily(2): Golds Leader- Retired.
  • Andrew24(6): Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Ghost: Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Final Chaser(2): Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Lorenzo Bean(3): Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Antonio96071: Golds Leader – Demoted.
  • Tilgen: Golds Leader – Fired.
  • Miyls: Golds Leader – Demoted.
  • Antonio960(2) : Golds Leader – Demoted.
  • Johnnyroger: Golds Leader – Demoted.
  • Whats Up11(4) : Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Spyguy202(2): Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Tymatt : Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Tilgen(2): Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Antonio960(3): Golds Leader –Retired.
  • Orange: Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Midnightwave: Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Hulk: Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Coquimichu1(2): Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Flamez64(2): Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Lorenzo Bean(4): Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Trader: Golds Leader – Fired.
  • Antonio960(4): Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Cubster: Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Miyls(2): Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Coquimichu1(3): Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Jodie: Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Hikusaak: Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Antonio960(5-6): Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Miyls(3): Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Tilgen(3-4): Golds Leader –Retired.
  • Bay: Golds Leader – Active.
  • Bang: Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Pink: Golds Leader – Retired.
  • Pineapple: Golds Leader – Active.

Here ends the list of the past main leaders that have served the Golds…

Note: Anybody who claims to be an ex or current leader but is not on this current list is not considered to be a former or current Golds leader in history, unless they spend a minimum of 1 month in the golds leadership.


The first records of the Golds Army created by Johanwillfir 



Modern Day Golds generation begins


The most influential Golds leadership is born which looks over future Golds revivals.


A new generation of leaders are born in Golds


golds 6





1st on CPAC, rebirth of the war against Ice Warriors



Last Generation of Golds in Club Penguin

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 8.01.33 PM.png


Club Penguin Online/ CPATG

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  2. wow kirby oh yea second




  4. Imma just…. Become immortal 4TH!!!!!!!!!


  5. why am i banned on chat?


  6. You guys forgot me, I was a leader the same time Saw started leading because me and him had an army called CPEQ that we merged into Golds, thus making us leaders. You can ask Saw, shab, sriv, andrew, circa, andrew, anyone will tell you.

    ~Tiny Finn/Fizz (the forgotten leader) lol


  7. Please include the CPO generation on here!

    I don’t know what we’d be called… maybe the “Revival” generation or something? It’s up to you, Golds Legends. Whatever it is, don’t forget about us CPOAL Era troops. We served you well & gave it our all.

    𝙑𝙚𝙣𝙞𝙢𝙪𝙨 𝙑𝙞𝙙𝙞𝙢𝙪𝙨 𝙑𝙞𝙘𝙞𝙢𝙪𝙨
    𝘓𝘰𝘯𝘨 𝘓𝘪𝘷𝘦 𝘎𝘰𝘭𝘥𝘴 𝘌𝘮𝘱𝘪𝘳𝘦 ❤


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