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    Welcome to the official website of the Golds Army of Club Penguin! We are one of the Oldest and most Legendary Armies on Club Penguin. We have been a force to be reckoned with ever since our creation back in 2007, if you would like to Join the Golds and make your mark in the History of this magnificent army then sign-up at our Join page! Join our mission and help us protect Club Penguin! Take part in large battles on Club Penguin, earn Rewards and Promotions and meet new friends right here in the Golds Army!

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Golds 10th anniversary

Soon enough, on May 10th will be Golds 10th year anniversary. I support all retired veterans gather around at Golds chat to celebrate and have fun but do what you want. This is an important date for this army, never forget the Gold rush.

Goodbye, My Friends

Well, this is the end of the road for Club Penguin armies and the Golds. When I founded the third generation of the Golds almost 8 years ago, I never would have thought that I would later be writing something like this. But, I couldn’t leave without giving this army a final sendoff, so here it is.

The Golds may have never been the largest army in the community, but we made up for that with our toughness. We never backed down from a fight, and we were never afraid to fight for what we believed in. Everyone who put on the Golds uniform became part of something great. Each and every one of us should be proud to have called ourselves one of the Golds.

It is upsetting that because the game is now dead, we will never be able to return and reminisce with each other in the same capacity we once did. This is really it, it’s all actually over now. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing left. Far from it, really. The fact that the Golds accomplished what we did will always be there. There will always be pictures, videos, archives, and hopefully this site to look back on as a testament to our time here. But perhaps more importantly, there will always be our memories and friendships from our experiences in this army. Whether we acknowledge it or not, the time we spent in the Golds, and armies in general, has become part of us as individuals. It’s an experience that we will all carry with us for the rest of our lives, which may sound stupid at first, but it’s really not. Because we all had great times together, laughed together, got collectively pissed off at other armies and people together, we all know what we accomplished here in the Golds. Pretty much everything that happens in CP armies, we experience it together, and that bond with others is why this will remain part of us forever. It may not show itself in 10 or 20 years from now, but it will still be there, and that’s truly a beautiful thing. Personally, I believe I will always remember the Golds and the people in it.

On behalf of all the leaders, thank you to anyone who ever put on the yellow uniform to serve the Golds Army of Club Penguin, and helping shape the army into what it was. It has been a pleasure to serve with all of you.

Today, we are all Golds legends.

Goodbye, my friends.

Lorenzo Bean

Former Golds Emperor


There’s no easy way to start a post like this, but as you all know; after 12:00 AM PST tonight (3/29), Club penguin is shutting down and pretty much all of CPA.

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Gold Rush War [RESULTS]

Ave Golds,

We logged on Club Penguin for one last battle, along with Thugs and Romans forming team yellow at Golds chat. We maxed nearly 30 again and average 20+ with some golden tactics. We we’re on until the very last and finished up by being the last army on with fucking bots. I believe that we won this battle or had the most hype in it, defended the cove and forest completely and faced off against our allies & veterans from IW, armies such as ACP and WN stood no chance, congratulations and thank you everyone who helped. It has been an honor leading every golds event that I could attend along with so many extraordinary leaders and allies, calling and planing so many important Golds events in history, I know that I had promised to retire just like many of you but this was worth making the comeback, just like helping in Legends Cup. It doesn’t matter what CPAC or any fake news might say, Golds is legendary and one of the best armies and THE best yellow army since 2007, we were always great and loyal. This was a clusterfuck of an color war to end CPA with but we kicked ass. Here are the results, comment if you attended:

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Ave Golds,

Check the post above for our final battles and ass kicking  that is scheduled. We will soon hold a meeting to establish our strategy and other details about Golds. There will be no more Golds’ events until then(maybe have unscheds) but you may recruit and hype until this Sunday which is very important. Fuck our Top Ten or if we lose, also if you need to understand the rankings check the ranks page. Good luck Golds and don’t give up! Continue to be apart of Golds one last time, have trust in us.

The Final Gold Rush [RESULTS]

Ave Golds,

Great job today former and current Golds! We maxed nearly 30 and average 26, while lowest average was 20/18 with amazing tactics on our capital Flippers. Thank you everyone for assisting and being apart of this important event, the only good event this month in CPA. It doesn’t matter if Golds don’t rank high on the Top Ten or get so much credit, we are legendary forever in army history. Here you have our last stand:

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The Final Squad


Note: Golds claim back all it’s servers!

Since the Golds already saved it’s legacy when shutting down and this is just the final ending, this is how shit is gonna work. There will be no official ranks except chat ones and all enemies or scum will be banished for good. Make Golds a great and hyped hangout like the good old days. Even if this is for a few events or less, this will still be our way of saying goodbye and become loyal so be on golds chat and we will conquer the upcoming final battles. Be part of Golds one last time.

All Gold Everything

One Last Gathering

Ave Golds,

We have decided that after given a shitty final battle, that we will have a proper last gathering or reunion. This is not an event, there will be no logging on. This is a time frame for people to come on chat and say their final goodbyes for what may be the last time we’ll ever see each other. All Golds and friends are invited, this is not an army exclusive gathering by any means. If you have contact with old Golds’ vets via kik or anywhere else please invite them to this last reunion as well. The event will last throughout the evening.

 Final Reunion

Tuesday, March 28th

5:00 PM – 10:00 PM EST

4:00 PM – 9:00 PM CST  

3:00 PM – 8:00 PM MST

2:00 PM  – 7:00 PM PST  

On another note, these time ranges are not official, they are there to give people a good idea of when to come on.

Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus 

-Tilgen (Golds Commander)


Best Top Ten Scores @2016

Ave Golds,

All of these posts were reblogged from CPAC while I led, I’m proud of all of you for making this happen. The rest that weren’t included we’re just from 5th-10th spot on CPAC this year. Golds did better at some points in the other last 2 generations but these are excellent results.

June 2016 – December 2016

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Training (1/23)

Ave Golds,

Today we logged on for a good ol’ training session. Max was 8 Avg 7. Lets aim higher next time, Golds! Good work. Thank you to those whom gave me pics!!


Golds Leader