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Unscheduled Fun On Flippers [17/04/2014]

Ave Golds

Today we logged on our capital server Flippers for a short-noticed training session, we went to the Ice Berg and had a decent size and good tactics overall, make sure everyone who attended today attends PB WITH ACP TOMORROW Max was 21 and average was 19. Good job all Golds. Scroll down for event pictures


e2 nikki

e3 do



e8 sickssss

we the golds


Raid of LT – Results

Greetings, Golds!

*Uk event*

Today we logged onto the LT capital (inferior yellow army, they suck) Ice box, and raided it. We were sending a point across to LT and waterkid is trembling in his boots right now. It was an alright event, size was great but tactics were lacking. Pics below. Comment if you attended.

raidlt5 raidlt4 raidlt3 raidlt2



-Flamez64, Leader of the Best Yellow Army



Signed by he co-nigger wolf (2ic) *Lootking*




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liStenn Uhpp DannAYy dIs Iz 2 U, UU $iCkkk $ONN O” Uhh BIatCH. DANnayy UUUU banneD LOoTKiN 1 O’ Mah tyghT Peepss AWnn Xat,, U BaNNeDD isss fUckInnnn dAwgHH FawR NAhH reaSoN. We’s IZ uh Fuckin WoLf Pack AN’ U WAnna GoEEE rouN’ An’ BaN us? UU WoUldn’t B ALivv Iff Ittt WErEn’t fawr USSS u DIpshit. Alllll o” DA ThinGs wE’ss Didddd TogethUh MeaNss NOTin 2 YOu? Fukkkk uuu dannayY Yo” Uh $TuPidd A$$ TYRant HOoo Thinksss HE’$ All FirReyayy $HiT. im Gonnnn bonee YO’ FUCKiNN mOmmm Now.

AnothUh MeSsage 2 rpF.

DO u HOnesTLeeee TyNKKK UU WiL cOpp AwaAyyy witt DiS $hit?? aH be AndrEW244 $aviOr O’ daa GolDs. Ah wiL BreAk u Digg UH mOMMAA FUCKINN twig. UU aee notinn 2 Me AN’ da Golds We’ss WILLL $Quashh U digGG fUckIN CockroaChEss U. U onlii LIVV CaWs AndReW24 ALLows u, RemembUh DAt, BItCH.

i Will $AVe DiS ComMuNiteeeeee FrMMM Da EVIL $AtAnicc guuRl NaMedd LilstaR Hooooo GOEs RouN’ blOwin Lil BoyS DICkSS DiGg DannAyY Jus 2 Cop DEMM 2 JOinn Rpf. LiSteN uhPPPPP HoochIe Mcjunior, AH WIl $LAayy UU Digg ahh Didd 2 DAnnaYy’$ MommayY DO u UndersTaNd? UU CanT goe roUn’ Awnn MaHH TUrff An’ $ucK DicKK FAWr RecRUits. Izz mah ArEaaa NW Fuk Off. u TyNk IM FUcKiN playing? WaIt TYlLL Ah WalK ALLL Ovr Urrr $OrreE A$$’$$ 2mOrO An’ WeDS.

Ah WNt toE TAA TOe WiFF DA BeSt O” ’em
I Bust $hOtss At Da REsTT O’ ‘Em
don’tt Test Me, nahh TesTer
i RaPEE Chu,, DIggg CHestER


ii wIl AvenGe elmIkEayyy mahhhh Xbox DAwgH!!

goodd DA, MommA Fucks

soo Long FaGgOts,



Possibly For The Last Time – My Return

Hello, Golds!

I have returned, and probably for the last time (who knows though).

Yes, I may of left a few times, but I most likely, and I pray to, not leave again. I may only be 2nd in command, but I’ll easily be put back as leader, and hopefully soon. This will only be a short post, since you know I got 4th on CPAC with the Golds, and got us 30+ before.

Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus.

~Whats Up11 – Golds 2nd in command//Legend

Congratulations On 5th

You’ve done it again.


Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus.

~Whats Up11 – Golds Legend


Ave Golds

After our glorious victory on SMAP’s Spring Tournament, it is time to hit the big leagues now, with yet another CPAC tournament in which we are facing the Underground Mafias Army.

If we want to prove Golds are top 5 army material we must beat UMA and get unimaginable sizes to show the other armies in the tournament that we are not an army to mess up with. Tournament times can be found below and 35+ SIZES ARE EXPECTED.

♠Underground Mafias Army vs. Golds♠

Date: Saturday, April 19

Server: Klondike

Starting Room: Snow Forts

Times: 8:30 PM GMT || 3:30 PM EST || 2:30 PM CST || 1:30 PM MST || 12:30 PM PST ||








Importance Of Recruiting [AUTOTYPER GUIDE INCLUDED]

Ave Golds

Now that we have stablished ourselves as a top 5 army, we need to keep on growing and this post is about the importance of a method commonly used in armies. Anyone who is familiarized with the CP armies concept would already know the troops are the backbone of every army, and in order to get more recruits to support our army and grow as fast as possible, RECRUITING is the activity to focus on, as most of you know, some of the perks that recruiting on Club Penguin brings to the army itself are: 1. More views of the site, 2. Your army becomes well-known around the community and 3. Some recruits join your army.

That is why we want ALL of our owners (leaders included obviously) and Moderators who know how to operate an autotyper to join us in DAILY RECRUITING SESSIONS the leaders will host at specific times on CP that will last a minimum of 60 MINUTES FOR MODERATORS AND 2-3 HOURS FOR OWNERS.

This daily recruiting sessions are MANDATORY and to miss most of them can mean losing your rank in this army. (NOTE: Any owner/mod that is willing to Sleep-recruit in addition to our recruiting sessions will be greatly rewarded)

Members aren’t expected to recruit with us unless they wish to do so.



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Training Session [Success]

Ave Golds,

This was a great start to the week the Golds Army logged on to Flippers (1 bar) to train for the upcoming CPAC Spring Showdown.  We did great averaging 28 and maxing 32.  Our tactics were nearly perfect and our formations were great! Great job Golds keep working hard.

*to be updated*



[Event Starts]

-Gold Leaders

SMAP Spring Showdown Final – Results

Greetings, Golds!

Today we logged onto the server of Sherbet to fight the Metal Warriors of CP for the title of SMAP Spring Showdown Champions. It ended in a victory for us, and another story for the legendary history of this army. Although we won, we did very poor. We maxed an alright size and tactics were poor. The mods also need to be trained. Aside from that, I’m very proud of the army and everyone who contributed to our victory in each round of this tournament. Pics below.

Max: 21

Average: 17

qpD0jqAsmap final8

smap final7

smap final5

smap final4

smap final6

smap final3

smap final2

smap final

Comment if you attended!

-Flamez64, Golds Leader